In order to ensure that the placement is appropriate and to protect the safety and well-being of students enrolled in The Gladys H. Oberle School, the following criteria must be met.

  • Be at least 11 and no older than 21 years of age
  • Be able to cognitively process verbal communication
  • Be able to attend a partial or an all-day school setting (with accommodations for students with Serious Emotional Disturbance, Learning Disability, Autism, Intellectual Disability, Multiple Disabilities and Other Health Impairments)
  • Have an IEP written by the LEA that includes private day school as placement or an Independent Instructional Plan written by the Oberle School
  • Be able to benefit from a small, flexible, self-paced instructional environment
  • Be able to benefit from an individualized behavior management program
  • Be able to benefit from comprehensive transitional services
  • Be able to manage their own medication

Students with the following characteristics will not be considered:

  • Actively suicidal or homicidal
  • Actively experiencing visual and/or auditory hallucinations when on medication or are so disoriented in thought processes that they present a safety hazard to themselves or others
  • Persistent assaultive behaviors when on medication

The following information is needed to consider a student for placement:

  • Application Form
  • Most current psychological, educational, and social history
  • Most current eligibility documentations for students in need of special education
  • A current IEP for students in need of special education
  • A current psychiatric evaluation, if appropriate
  • A medical history to include updated immunization records and a comprehensive physical examination
  • Current school records including report cards and transcripts of earned credits for high school students and SOL testing results
  • Juvenile offender history